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Cerulean Gravity

this doesn't taste like chocolate

fortify |ˈfôrtəˌfī|

verb ( -fies, -fied) [ trans. ]

strengthen (a place) with defensive works so as to protect it against attack: the whole town was heavily fortified | [as adj. ] (fortified) a fortified manor house.

strengthen or invigorate (someone) mentally or physically: I was fortified by the knowledge that I was in a sympathetic house.

[often as adj. ] (fortified) strengthen (a drink) with alcohol: fortified wine.

increase the nutritive value of (food), esp. with vitamins.


fortifiable adjective

fortifier noun

ORIGIN late Middle English: from French fortifier, from late Latin fortificare, from Latin fortis ‘strong.’

traveling paper

traveling paper


hollow |ˈhälō|


having a hole or empty space inside : each fiber has a hollow core.

(of a thing) having a depression in its surface; concave : hollow cheeks.

(of a sound) echoing, as though made in or on an empty container : a hollow cough.

without significance : the result was a hollow victory.

insincere : a hollow promise.


a hole or depression in something : a hollow at the base of a large tree.

a small valley : the house fell behind as they climbed out of the hollow.

verb [ trans. ]

form by making a hole : a tunnel was hollowed out in a mountain range.

make a depression in.


beat someone hollow defeat or surpass someone completely or thoroughly.

in the hollow of one’s hand entirely in one’s power : great events lay in the hollow of his hand.


hollowly adverb

hollowness noun

ORIGIN Old English holh [cave] ; obscurely related to hole .